Welcome to Timber Trussworks inc.
If you wish to build your building using sawn timbers or natural logs we can help. Our company has a wide variety of experience constructing hand-crafted log homes and structural sawn timber trusses and traditional timber frames.
We are able to provide trusses in both sawn timbers or rustic logs. We can build them for your load requirements, ship them anywhere in the country, and send one of our team to assist you in installing your trusses, if necessary. If you send us your building plan drawings, we will be able to design a truss to match your style and meet your load requirements.
Hill Family Room
A more elaborate roof system can be constructed with trusses, perlins, braces, and rafters custom cut for your building. This roof system will be shipped to your project to be re-assembled with our crew of craftsmen insuring that every separate piece is installed correctly.